February 1, 2010

Oh, hello Giraffes. I didn't see you come in.

I'm pretty sure it's time for some giraffes here.

And here are some creatures inspired by giraffes:

And here are some people with giraffe spots:

Perhaps they have the Giraffe Flu? Or perhaps they are a noble race of indigenous giraffe men. Someday Science may find the answer.

Facts: The Latin species name for the giraffe, camelopardalis, is a portmanteau of "camel" and "leopard" - to the Romans, giraffes appeared to be a strange cross between these two animals. Despite their long necks, giraffes have the same number of cervical (neck) vertebrae as most mammals - seven. Since 2001, Toys R Us mascott Geoffrey the Giraffe has been voiced by Jim Hanks, brother of Tom Hanks.

Please enjoy the giraffes.

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