August 5, 2010

The Hacker

This is going to be the last Character of the Week for a while, I think. This week, the character brief was a military computer hacker in a future without wireless computing. I went for a near-future concept, with equipment based on current tech and military gear.

We've got body armor, USB cables, a rugged touchscreen PDA for hacking, an earpiece for audio interfaces and communications monitoring, nightvision/HUD goggles, and a carbine for self-defense. I wanted to pull back from the (for me) heavy rendering on the Gaia character, but I was nervous about submitting just the ink drawing. I settled on blocking in basic values as a compromise - not sure how well it worked. Here are some sketches:

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, this is really, really sweet. Lovin' the machine gun (you do all those tech-mech details really nicely). The greyscale solution seems to be working well as an intermediary between ink and full cel-shading. I liked where you pulled in some of the darker grey on the kevlar and in the concept sketches, maybe using that in the final coloring would help break up the mid-grey value? Looks awesome dude!