December 23, 2010


I've had the awesome opportunity to work with musician Massimo Ruberti for the past few months on a series of illustrated music videos for his album Autour de la Lune. The album is a 16-track suite based on Jules Verne's 1865 sci-fi novel, which follows the adventures of three 19th century astronauts who build a cannon to launch themselves to the Moon. 'Columbiad' is the first in a series of music videos that, when finished, will form a short film about our three heroes' fantastic journey through space. Here are a few stills for you: The music video has been making the rounds at film festivals in Europe - we even managed to get into the top 10 at the Cinemazero Festival in Trento, Italy. And - special bonus! - Autour de la Lune is free to download through Russian netlabel Elpa. So enjoy the clip, explore the album, and keep an eye out for future music videos! Credits Massimo Ruberti - Music and Direction Roberto Mangoni - Editing David Brunell-Brutman - Illustrations

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