May 26, 2011

Hester Street Fair

I'm going to be at the Hester Street Fair this Saturday, peddling prints and handing out business cards and charm. The Fair goes down every Saturday from 10-6 on Manhattan's Lower East Side at the corner of Hester St. and Essex St. They've got all manner of local vendors, including food stands, other artists, vintage/antiques/homemade goods shopping, and a bunch of quirky businesses. Check their website for a full list! I'll have a table set up with my work, so if you're in NYC on May 28th, come by to say hi and maybe purchase a print. If you want, I'll even sketch something for you. As long as it's a dinosaur with a jetpack. If you can't make it but you'd still like to buy a print, take a look at my Etsy shop. It's pretty okay!

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