March 5, 2011

Library Update

My show at the Morris County Library is now up! We're calling it "Visual Storytelling". Here are a few photos I took:

And here's the press release:
Visual Storytelling - Author/Illustrator David Brunell-Brtuman - Solo Art Show at the Morris County Library Mendham resident David Brunell-Brutman has always been a storyteller. He scribbled his way through school – penning short stories, typing out plays, even writing a novel before the age of 15. He doodled incessantly as well, but it wasn't until late high school that David realized he could tell a story not just with words, but through drawing and design. Inspired by the powerful visual storytelling he saw in videogame and film pre-production art, David enrolled in the illustration program at Washington University in St. Louis, graduating in 2010 with a BFA in both English (Writing) and Communication Design (Illustration). Brunell-Brutman's art will be on display at a solo show at the Morris County Library at 30 East Hanover Avenue in Whippany during the month of March during Library hours (Monday-Thursday, 9AM-9PM; Friday-Saturday, 9AM-5PM; and Sunday, 1PM-5PM). On Saturday, March 19 at 1 PM David will give a "Meet the Artist" talk about his work and his original illustrations for A Princess of Mars, Edgar Rice Burroughs' classic 1912 pulp science fiction novel, a precursor of such modern sci-fi adventures as Star Wars, The Matrix, and Avatar. The Library show will feature all twelve Princess of Mars illustrations along with David's concept art exploring the alien cultures of Mars, and David's cover designs for a handmade paperback edition of the novel. The many illustrations on exhibit highlight a diverse set of influences. David's pop culture inspirations cover comic book artists like Mike Mignola, animated films like The Secret of Kells, and videogames from studios like Blizzard Entertainment. His work frequently sports a historical bent, drawing visual cues from Victorian English fashion and design, Japanese ukiyo-e prints, and the ancient Mediterranean world. His style of illustration, with its bold ink lines and strong geometric shapes, also speaks to his love of the 20th century Art Nouveau and Art Deco movements. David currently works as a freelance illustrator, putting his visual storytelling skills to use in music videos, games, and comics. His work has been shown at the Anachronism NYC and the Cinemazero Film Festival in Italy, and won him a spot in the Society of Illustrators' 2010 Student Showcase. When he's not telling stories with pictures, he tells them with audio – writing, directing, and editing original radio plays for the KWUR Theater of the Air, a weekly radio show on KWUR 90.3 FM in St. Louis. David is also the author of an online illustrated novella, The Aethereal Adventures of Emma Verne, which follows the life and times of a spunky girl aboard a steampunk airship-city. Brunell-Brutman can be found on the web at www.davidbrunellbrutman.com.
A bit self-congratulatory for my tastes, but there you have it. The important bit is, if you're interested in seeing my talk about the Princess of Mars drawings on display at the Library, come by at 1 PM on the 19th. Finally - special thanks to the Morris County Library for the awesome exhibition space, Lisa Pantel for organizing the show and working publicity, and to Mary Lou Sparano for curating and hanging the work. You've all been great!

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